Dr. Gary F. Horn can combine the redefining potential of butt implants with a fat transfer for patients in Paris, London, and Brussels to help them achieve the silhouettes they have always wanted. Dr. Horn is one of the top-rated buttocks reshaping surgeons in Europe. His extensive training and more than 15 years of surgical experience in this area of cosmetic surgery ensures his patients are completely satisfied with their results.

Butt Implant Options

Dr. Horn offers silicone gel butt implants, which are available in two different shapes and several different sizes to meet the unique needs of each of his individual patients. Round implants are a popular choice for patients who want to create more projection from the middle section of the buttocks. Oval implants are ideal for filling in the sides and lower sections of the backside.

Choosing the Implant That’s Right for You

Photo of tanned woman in underwearButt implants as a standalone procedure are most frequently placed in women who do not have excess fat in other areas to transfer to the treatment area. However, patients who want improved contouring overall can use a combination of implants and fat transfer for a more dramatic transformation.

In general, patients must be in good overall health prior to implant placement. Those interested in a combination of fat transfer and implants must have sufficient excess tissue in other areas, such as the arms, abdomen, or thighs.

Your Consultation with Dr. Horn

During the initial consultation with Dr. Horn, he records the patient’s measurements and listens carefully to their concerns and treatment goals. He can then make recommendations for the best treatment options.

Dr. Horn is one of the top-rated buttocks reshaping surgeons in Europe.

Dr. Horn uses cutting-edge technology and is excited to offer a new 3-D imaging technology called Crisalix when it is available next year. This system uses 3-D glasses, which allow patients to visualize their potential outcomes. This gives each patient the opportunity to virtually “try on” various outcomes of different surgeries.

Butt Implant Placement

Butt implant placement takes about one to two hours, depending on whether the implants are placed in conjunction with a fat transfer. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia. Once the patient is sedated, Dr. Horn creates an incision on the midline in between the buttocks. The implants are placed in a pocket within the gluteal muscles, which provides a completely natural look and feel.

If fat transfer is required, small incisions are made at the donor site and the tissue is removed via liposuction. The fat is then purified before being transferred to the buttocks. Most patients can return to work within three weeks of surgery, though a full recovery can take up to six weeks. For most patients, final results become visible about three months after the procedure as swelling subsides.

Achieve a Curvier, More Feminine Figure

If you have a thin, flat, or disproportionate backside and want to add more shape and volume, our surgeon can help you achieve a curvier figure. Contact our practice to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Horn today.

Video: Butt Implant Surgery

WARNING: Contains video of surgery and nudity


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