If you are dissatisfied with your physique, body implants can create symmetry and add volume for a more balanced and proportionate appearance. Dr. Gary F. Horn offers several types, including silicone calf, butt, and pectoral body implants for patients in Paris, London, and Brussels. As one of the top buttocks reshaping surgeons in Europe, Dr. Horn’s extensive knowledge and experience ensures natural-looking results for each of his patients. While body implants are primarily used for cosmetic enhancements, they can also be used to correct congenital deformities or those resulting from a prior surgery.

Types of Body Implants

Calf Implants

Calf implants are beneficial for both men and women to add volume and a more muscular look. Patients can choose to enhance the area solely for cosmetic purposes, or if they have one calf muscle that is underdeveloped compared to the other, an implant can improve symmetry. The implants are cylindrical in shape and come in a variety of sizes so patients can choose a size that suits their individual needs.

Body implants can create symmetry and add volume for a more balanced and proportionate appearance.

Butt Implants

Dr. Horn offers butt implants in different shapes and sizes so patients can choose what looks most natural for their body types. Round implants create maximum projection from the middle of the buttocks without adding any width. This shape is most popular on patients whose buttocks are small and narrow. Oval implants create fullness in the sides and lower portions of the buttocks. Both types of implants are available in several different sizes.

Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implants are popular for men who cannot achieve the muscular chest they desire through diet and exercise. Implants can also create symmetry between the chest muscles if they are imbalanced. The silicone is sculpted to look exactly like the pectorals, and is placed beneath the existing muscles for a seamless integration.

Candidates for Body Implants

In general, body implants are appropriate for any patient who has been unable to refine their figure through diet and exercise. Body implants are also an option for patients whose muscles are asymmetrical due to a health condition, genetic defect, or other cause. It is important that patients are in good overall health to reduce the risk of complications.

The Surgical Procedure

The specifics of implant surgery vary based on the type of implant that is placed. Most implants are placed while the patient is under general anesthesia and the operation can be completed within a couple hours.

To place calf implants, Dr. Horn creates an incision at the back of the knee, usually no more than five centimeters long. The implant is then carefully inserted, situated between the muscles of the lower leg. The location of the incisions for butt implants, along either the top or the bottom of the buttocks, depends on the type of implant that is placed and the goals for treatment. To place pectoral implants, Dr. Horn creates incisions in the armpits and the implants are placed beneath the muscles. Silicone implants last about 10 years on average, after which they must either be removed or replaced.

Achieve Your Ideal Physique

If you have been unable to create the muscle definition or balance you would like to see in the mirror, consider body implants. Reach out to schedule your consultation with Dr. Horn to discuss your treatment options.


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